All about the Louisiana Purchase !
Ezekiel, Jamella, Latik And Ysauri

Did you Know ?

  • Jefferson was hoping to gain land. He found himself being offered the entired Louisiana territory that cost $15 million.
  • In 1803 there were 17 States in the Union. The last State to join was Ohio.
  • People used skills like making maps, studying plants, translating languges, and more. Across the Mississippi was unexplored territory.
  • Napoleon convince Spain to return Lousiana to France

Why Lousiana?

The United States was getting crowed. Louisiana was a good trading plant. Napoleon was about to lose Louisiana to England. So he sold it to Jefferson for $15million. The United States brought Louisiana beacuse they would have good trading places.

Effects of the Lousiana Purchase

After the Lousiana Purchase it doubled the size of the United States. The United States felt more powerful and there population would grow. After they brought the land Jefreson hired Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana land wich they never experienced or been to. Then people would move into that land and built a civilation.

  • Expedition- To go on a Journey
  • Terretory- Someones land
  • Acre- The way they measure land in
  • Navigable- A passage
  • Discovery- To find something
  • Population- The quantity of people
  • Civilation- To grow and start a nation and a population