Let's learn about the Louisiana Purchase!! By: Amber, Evelyn, Shai-Asia, and Maribel

Louisiana Purchase
Thomas Jefferson
United States
James Monroe
Some poeple settled in land that wasn't even part of the Louisiana Territory.
Exchanged for $15 million dollars.
Louisiana was now part of the United States.
The United States added 800,000 square miles.
The year they broght the lousiana Purchase was in 1803.
Napolean is an Fench Ruler.

This is a map of the Louisiana Purchase
external image Louisiana_Purchase.gifexternal image louisiana_purchase_treaty_agreement.jpg

Why Louisiana????

The United States wanted Louisaina because the French owned the Louisiana Purchase and they wanted to sell it to the United States for $15 million dollars because they were about to go to war against the Native Americnans. Napolian rather sell Lousiana to the United States than losing it by the British.France sold the Lousiana Territory in 1803. The United States wanted the Lousiana Territory because they had an opportunity to buy an area as by as itself.

Effects of the Louisiana Purchase!

This purchase doubled the size of the United States as If the United States expanded, the Native Americans were getting a irate at the fact Jefferson was moving his people to their Territory. This Purchase comprimised 17states.
Louisiana now grows Live Crawfish for delivery around the world !