The Louisiana Power Purchase

Important Facts

1) The United States became almost twice as big by adding the Louisiana Territory.
2) In 1803 France owned the Louisiana Territory and the entire Mississippi river.
3) The Louisiana Purchase cost 15 million dollars.
4) To most Americans, the Louisiana Purchase looked like the greatest land deal in history.
5) The Louisiana Purchase was purchased by Jefferson and Napoleon in 1803.


external image 1803.Louisiana.purchase.jpg

Why Louisiana? . . .

Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon wanted to own Louisiana because he thought it would be population growth in the eastern state, he liked the cheap fertile land, he thought it was cheaper/faster transportation (river's and canals) and he believed in the idea of manifest destiny that expansion was good and right for the country. Lastly he wanted to own Louisiana because it would double the size of The United States.

* Important Vocabulary

Territory - Any large area of Land
Envoy - A messenger
Waterway - Any body of water suitable for boats and ships
Population - The total number of persons inhabiting a given area
Purchase - Something that’s bought by a Payment

Effects of the Louisiana Purchase . . .

The effects of the Louisiana Purchase cause citizens to be come happier but many citizens were kind of upset. The Louisiana Purchase causes the United States to grow larger, but citizens thought that they had such large land and thought it would have went to waste. The also fussed about the about of money they paid for it (15 million dollars).