The Route for the Louisiana Purchase


1. In 1803, France owned the Louisiana Territory.
2. Many people hoped that there was a waterway to the West Coast so it would be easier to trade with China.
3. The United States became almost twice as big by adding the Louisiana Territory.
4. There were 17 states in the Union and the last to join was Ohio.
5. Jefferson sent an envoy to France to buy some land outside New Orlmns.

Why Louisiana?
Jefferson was interested in Louisiana because it was the biggest territory that there was. Jefferson needed the Mississippi River to move goods. He wanted Louisiana and the Mississippi River was apart of it. When the Haitians defeated the French army, Napoleon’s devious plan had been shredded into pieces and he didn’t think that the Louisiana Territory was important to him anymore. He thought that the Louisiana Territory would be worth more to him if he sold it. He wanted to raise money for the war that he would soon be having in England.

Vocabulary Words

1. Trade- The business of buying and selling items.
2. Territory- An area of land
3. Envoy- A messanger
4. Land- A nation
5. Debate- To consider something
6. Constitution- The process of establishing
7. Bargain- An agreement between two groups of people.
8. Diplomat- People who work and they have a lot of skills.

Effects of the Louisiana Purchase
- The effects of the Louisiana Purchase was that the United States had became bigger and it expanded more when Jefferson
bought it. The Louisiana Territory had became many states. Ohio was the last state to join on March 1st. It had divided into 15 more states or parts of them. The states were Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesote, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, New Mexico,
Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming. When the Louisiana Territory came apart the United States became twice as big as it was before.