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  • In 1803 France owned The Louisiana Territory
  • Napoleon sold The Louisiana Territory to gain money for their war with England
  • Napoleon would rather have sold The Louisiana Territory than to have it stolen by the Britians
  • Lewis and Clark worked together to find out and make things that would help people travel throughout the land
  • Lewis and Clark started the Corps of Discovery in 1804 to 1806

  • Population- Growth of people in a certain place
  • Land- A country or a nation
  • Economic- Of the managment of income
  • Transportation- A transporting or being transported

Why Louisiana?
The population would grow with more land. The land was cheap and fertile so the land is good for agriculture. The land gave economic opportunity for the people of the east. Also the transportation was cheaper and faster. They knew about the trails that were spreaded over the lands. Something that gave them the strenght to keep going was the belief in Manifest Destiny.

Effects of The Louisiana Purchase:
This affected the people because there was more population. Also there was land that was needed for farming. There was doubts on Jefferson's idea for new and biggger land. Then they realize that was a good an idea and turned into a success.