Five facts about the Louisiana purchase

  • On April 30, 1803 Thomas signed a treaty giving Louisiana to the united states in exchange for 15 million dollars.
  • In 1803 Thomas sent James Monroe to France with an offer to buy new Orleans for 7.5 million dollars.
  • Before the united states bought Louisiana they had 16 states
  • After the united states bought Louisiana they became twice its size.
  • France wanted to sell Louisiana for more money for the war.

Why did the united states want Louisiana........
The reason the united states want to control Louisiana is because,they wanted a bigger land for they're people. Another reason the u.s wanted to own Louisiana was because, they wanted more population for they're territory.

The effects of the Louisiana purchase were...

  • The United States took over the native american territory.
  • The United States doubled in size.
  • The people from the colonies had more space to live in

By: Natalie Perez, Nichelle Goggins, Octavia Bruce, Jason Valle and, Prince Brown