U.S. buys Louisiana


1. America bought Louisiana because they needed access to the Mississippi river to get there crops to the market and to expand their nation.

2. France sold Louisiana because selling their land to the U.S. was better than losing it to the British in their soon to be war.

3. Napoleon sold Louisiana for so much because they were in the middle of a war and needed the money and they knew the U.S. was very desperate.

4. People got irate over the high price, some over figuring out who would govern it, and even over how the constitution was violated.

5. When Thomas Jefferson became president there was 16 states which meant there was 3 new states after the war

Why Louisiana-
The U.S. bought Louisiana because they needed access to the Mississippi river to deliver there goods.
Napoleon had plans for Louisiana. He hoped to settle the territory with thousands of French farmers. Napoleon’s plans alarmed the American farmers if he closed the American ports farmers would have no way of getting there goods to the market. So the president offered Napoleon 7.5 million dollars just for New Orleans but ended up paying 15 million dollars for all of Louisiana territory. Napoleon stated after there bargain “ you have made an noble bargain for yourselves I suppose you will make the most of it.


This purchase affected the U.S. doubling there size which meant growing there population and bringing more new comers into there nation. This purchase also caused conflict between the eastern congress because the thought that Louisiana was going to be broken up into different little states and would be able to out vote the eastern congress in many debates. Some civilians thought the price was to high but many farmers thought this was a reasonable price because it gave them more land and space to grow there crops.